The society was official started in 2010 by Sean Mooney. However, evidence suggested that a scout and guide society might have existed in the university as far back as the 1980’s.  For the first two years the members peaked just over 100 members with a small number of events ran. Following a rejuvenation in 2014/2015 member reached over 600 students.  Since then the society has been growing.



Committee 2010/2011

Auditor: Sean Mooney

Vice-Auditor: Ronan O’Keeffe

Treasurer: Carl Byrne

Secretary: Keith Webster

PRO: Aine O’Reilly


Committee 2011/2012

Auditor: Sean Mooney

Vice-Auditor: Deirdre Loughlin

Treasurer: Mark Kelly

Secretary: James O’Connell


Committee 2012/2013

Auditor: Sean Mooney

Vice-Auditor: Patririca Mc Fadden

Treasurer: Laetitia Trentesaux

Secretary: Clarie Finnegan


Committee 2013/2014

Auditor: James O’Connell

Vice-Auditor: Fionn Delahunty

Treasurer: Cathal  Breathnach

Secretary: Holly Casey

Saftey Officer: Alan Herdman

PRO: Cecile Collot

Quarter Master: Dylan Byrne

OCM: Caoimhin de Burca

Quarter Master: Dylan Byrne

OCM: James Branigan


Committee 2014/2015

Auditor: Fionn Delahunty

Vice-Auditor: Cecile Collot

Treasurer: Cathal Breathnach

Secretary: Holly Casey

PRO: Caoimhin de Burca

Quartermaster: James Branigan

Safety Officer: Aaron Liston

OCM: Ciara McGivern

OCM: Srinivasan Arumugam

First Year Rep: Aileen Murphy


Committee 2015/2016

Auditor: Cathal Breathnach

Vice-Auditor: Cecile Collot

Ordinary Committee Member: Aileen Murphy

Secretary: Conor Snowdon

Safety Officer: Michael Vaughan

Trip Officer: James O’Connell

Treasurer: Hannah Jansen

Quartermaster: Conor McKinney

Public Relations Officer: Christopher Kelly

Trip Officer: Fiachra Sherry

Community Project Liaison Officer: Fionn Delahunty

First Year Representative: Ciara McEllistrim

Ordinary Committee Member: James McKeon

GMIT Rep: Amy Mc Mahon


Committee 2016/2017

Auditor: Hannah Jansen

Vice-Auditor: Conor Snowdon

Treasurer: Agata Rzeznik

Secretary: Cecile Collot

P.R.O.: Aoife O’Connell

Equipment Officer: Conor McKinney

Safety Officer: James McKeon

Trips Officer: Colin Delahunt

Community Project Liaison Officer: Cathal Breathnach

OCM: Ryan Lonergan

OCM: Ciara McEllistrim

OCM: Jack Kinghan

OCM: Christopher Kelly

GMIT Rep: Michael Cooney



Sean Mooney

James O’Connell

Fionn Delahunty

Cathal Breathnach

Hannah Jansen