About us

The Rover Society is aimed at those who are currently involved in Scouts and Guides , who have previous experience with Scouts and want to rekindle their interest, and even those who have no scouting experience but want a taster of the scouting world.

The way we operate and the activities that we undertake all fall under the Scouting ethos and influence. Rover Soc offers it’s members wonderful opportunities to develop and learn new skills.

We are mainly an outdoor group specialising in camping and backwoods activities. Since there are so many outdoor clubs in the college already we will put our own spin on things. If we’re hiking or kayaking we will carry tents, if we do archery we will make our own bows and if we do sailing we will make our boats.

Above all, Rover Soc is about having fun! No matter what we get up to, it’s always an adventure!